Zuta S4

Zuta S4 is a reactivating agent. Bringing the defaced bank notes back to cleanable state, this product has a major role to play in the entire discoloration process. It can be used on partially as well as completely defaced currencies. It also goes by the name cavalry and is readily available in the market. This product is highly concentrated and offers top quality results. Packaged properly in packets to make it easy for logistics, Zuta S4 is milky white in color. More often than not, this is also available in white plastic boxes. When dealing with this agent, one needs to take care of the fact that this is little on the higher end which makes it a rare product to be used by the ordinary audience. Hence, a license is required to use this product; all cannot purchase it. Zuta S4 demands a licensed audience and this fact makes it more special than any other defacing agent.

Note: Any chemical must be applied with utmost caution. It can harm the human body if contacted directly. Even if such a contact takes place, please wash it immediately. In case of persistent irritation, refer to a medical practitioner at the earliest.